March 4, 2021

Dodgers: Tony Gonsolin Discusses First Spring Start, Bullpen Possibility (Dodgers Nation)

The Dodgers finally got their first game of the Cactus League in on Saturday after a long rain delay set things back. Tony Gonsolin got the ball to start the season off, and talked with media on how it went after his outing.

Gonsolin went one inning and produced a long fly ball to center, a groundout to second, and a fly ball to get through a flawless inning for the Dodgers. While Gonolsin wouldn’t mind being in the bullpen to start Opening Day, it’s obvious he prefers to be in the rotation. When asked if it would be disappointing to start the season at the minor leagues.

I mean yeah, I would love to be a big league starter and get my first Opening Day in and start every fifth day.

While he would like to be a starter, Gonsolin knows that his stuff could potentially play up in the bullpen. He also is quick to say that wherever the team needs him, he is more than willing to play.

Potentially yeah I would like to use everything and be a four pitch guy…Ideally it plays up, but you never really know…I just want the opportunity to help the team out. If they see me long term as a starter, it…

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