May 14, 2021

How to approach drafting catchers (New York Post)

Catchers. Yeesh. Not exactly an explosive way to open fantasy baseball coverage for the 2020 season, but a necessity nonetheless.

If fantasy football is your jam, then the easiest way to view the catcher position in baseball is to equate it to the tight end position in the NFL. You have one or two at the top of the rankings who are worthwhile contributors, then a whole lot of yuck. Sure, you can dress up a few and feel good about using them throughout the season, but overall, this position is your throwaway in fantasy baseball drafts.

Atop the rankings are J.T. Realmuto and Gary Sanchez. The former is the more well-rounded player who typically provides you with decent power, a little bit of speed and a solid batting average. The latter provides big power and strong run production but, in typical modern-day hitter fashion, a weak batting average. They’ll cost you a relatively high draft choice or require a strong bid in an auction, but similar to Travis Kelce, will provide you with a distinct advantage at the position.

As you move down the rankings, you are met with good, though not great, possibilities. Willson Contreras of the Cubs has promise, but has had…

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