February 24, 2021

Dodgers Not Favorited to Win World Series, per MLB Writers (Dodgers Nation)

Another February, another season of prognostications from everyone about which teams are the best in baseball. Jeff Passan already chose the Dodgers to win it all this year. Mike Petriello and William Fleitch at MLB.com are singing a different tune.

Damn Yankees

It actually should not be that surprising that overall, they chose the Yankees as the World Series favorites, even over the Dodgers. The Yankees won the Cole sweepstakes, except they’re paying him what amounts to a jackpot lottery ticket. He will lead their pitching staff but for a while, their staff may be thin. James Paxton is expected to miss a few months at least, and Luis Severino is currently shut down. Severino’s future is cloudy, and nobody is quite certain when he will again be ready.

Should their pitching staff take shape, the Yankees truly are scary. Luke Voit may possibly bat 9th, and this is a hitter…

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