May 11, 2021

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks About A New Clayton Kershaw This Spring (Dodgers Nation)

The question of Dodgers’ starter Clayton Kershaw has been a question every spring for the last three to four years. It seems as though every season, Kershaw is healthy and coaches are loving what they see. That narrative changed last year when he struggled with shoulder inflammation that sidelined him at the start of the year.

With the story breaking that Kershaw got into Driveline this past offseason, the media was quick to ask questions about how that has played into this Spring. Kershaw was one of several Dodgers to get into the popular pitching training method this year.

I think that’s one part of it in terms of how his body works…our strength and conditioning guys have done a great job of identifying some things…on top of the Driveline thing…All of that has kind of got us to this point.

Roberts also felt like this time around has felt much different from Kershaw. Not that velocity was something he was really looking for but in terms of overall mechanics.

This time(last year) there wasn’t life in the zone to the fastball. Obviously, the body wasn’t the way were were used to…

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