May 7, 2021

Free Agent Market Still Stocked With Well-Known Players (MLB Trade Rumors)

As we all know, past performance — especially, long-past performance — is no guarantee of more in the future. Teams are looking at more than Baseball-Reference career totals. That said, track record does generally reflect a high degree of skill. And there’s always value in a respected veteran.

Much of the offseason’s work is obviously complete at this point, but the leftover slate of free agents is somewhat more interesting than usual. Whatever one might think about their outlook for the future, there’s no denying the past accomplishments — and sheer name value — of quite a few players that are still available on the open market …

Seriously, the mass of talent would’ve made for an unbelievable roster just a few years back. Just for kicks, and to highlight the point, here’s a 26-man roster of remaining free agents, based upon career accomplishments and name value:

Starting Lineup

  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF: He hasn’t even been on the field in some time, but let’s not forget that Ells once…

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