May 13, 2021

Mark Teixeira torches ex-Red Sox over Astros scandal responses (New York Post)

Former Yankees star Mark Teixeira on Monday called out Red Sox legends David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez after the two ripped Mike Fiers for exposing the Astros’ cheating ways.

In two separate interviews the last few weeks, Ortiz labeled Fiers a “snitch,” while his former teammate Martinez said the former Houston pitcher was a “bad teammate” for waiting two years after he left the organization to come forward with what has become the biggest baseball story of the offseason.

“I just think there are very few people out there that really even use the word snitch or rat anymore anyway,” Teixeira said on ESPN. “This isn’t ‘Goodfellas.’ This is the real world. In the real world, you want bad things brought to light. You don’t want people cheating.”

For the most part, Fiers has been praised for blowing the whistle on the Astros, who were long-suspected of cheating in baseball circles.

Teixeira retired a season before Houston began illegally stealing opponents’ signs in 2017, when the Astros beat the Yankees in the ALCS on their way to winning the World Series.

“Players that are clean, whether they are in the steroid era or anybody that wasn’t on the…

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