February 24, 2021

Mattingly, Jeter Set Expectations For Marlins (MLB Trade Rumors)

The Marlins don’t seem especially likely to contend in 2020. But the club clearly has designs on drawing some attention — from local fans and the national baseball scene — to its efforts.

MLB.com’s Joe Frisaro captures the prevailing internal sentiment in a post that includes some quotes from skipper Don Mattingly and a video interview with CEO Derek Jeter. Both of those key leaders are obviously former Yankees legends, and the oft-noted connection certainly seems to inform the Miami organization’s plans.

Speaking from an ownership-level perspective, Jeter left no doubt that he seeks to recreate the winning culture that he came up with in the George Steinbrenner-owned Yankees. How do you create that? Per Jeter, you simply “start winning” in the minors and beyond.

It certainly sounds like mindset is a key for the Fish. Jeter says he expects the team’s players to embrace the open opportunities and challenges ahead of them. He has advised the team that “competition eliminates…

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