May 13, 2021

Yankees are swimming with sharks again (New York Post)

TAMPA — Congratulations if you survive swimming among hungry great white sharks. Bravo. All of that.

Do you want to try it again?

Because here are the Yankees in the deep water once more. The team that set the major league record for most different players placed on the injured list (30 in 39 different stints), yet still won 103 games and the AL East, has a roster under attack anew.

Perhaps what doesn’t kill them will make them stronger — and the roster longer — like last year. Maybe it is just in this group’s baseball DNA to be resourceful, to find fortitude when that is most in need. But suddenly they are facing having to find the starting pitching versions of Mike Tauchman and Gio Urshela.

The Yanks revealed Tuesday that Luis Severino needs Tommy John surgery. He is not going to pitch in 2020. So here they go again.

The Yanks drastically changed their medical personnel in the offseason after leading the league in MRIs. Yet, the ache James Paxton felt in his back last postseason and Severino in his arm were treated conservatively through the breadth of the offseason before ultimately leading to surgeries; late enough to cost Paxton the beginning of 2020 and…

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