March 7, 2021

Behind-the-scenes Yankees moment captures Gerrit Cole’s incredible detail (New York Post)

Gerrit Cole stood near Gary Sanchez’s locker Tuesday following a workout at Steinbrenner Field and spoke animatedly to the catcher for more than 20 minutes Tuesday.

Marlon Abreu, the Yankees’ Spanish interpreter, provided translation when necessary. Aroldis Chapman stopped by briefly. It seemed like quite the meeting. Except Cole described it as “very standard” for him.

What the Yankees knew from their research and are learning firsthand is that when it comes to pitching, no detail is too minute for Cole. So after his one-inning spring debut Monday, he used this impromptu session less than 18 hours later for educational purposes.

“We were just talking about [Monday] night’s pitch selections,” Cole said. “We went over a couple of shakes that I had to get some clarity on what he was thinking and to let him know what I was thinking, so that hopefully we can make better decisions and have more continuity next time. Not that shakes aren’t going to happen, but just so we better know why he is shaking a pitch and why I am shaking to something else.”

When asked if this was new because he is new to the Yankees and Sanchez, Coles explained that he did this…

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