May 11, 2021

Dodgers Josiah Gray: Get to Know One of the Dodgers Top Pitching Prospects (Dodgers Nation)

Dodgers Nation got the chance to sit down with top prospect Josiah Gray. Los Angeles’ number five prospect talked about his experiences with Spring camp so far and how he’s adjusted to the organization. Gray was got his first Cactus League start with the team this afternoon.

The very first thing you notice about Gray is how well-spoken he is. He was full of energy and very quick to answer any questions and sure seems happy to be a part of the Dodgers organization.

In regards to who he has met, Gray has made sure to get to know every pitcher on the team. He made it a point to go up to the veterans and introduce himself while he had the time with them at big league camp.

I think growing up, I watched Clayton Kershaw, we all watched Clayton Kershaw. How good he was in his prime years, and watching him now he’s still a really good pitcher refining some things. And now watching his transformation is really intersting to see how he still continues to get outs.

In regards to superstitions and pregame rituals, Gray seems to be one of the more normal pitchers in the league. We’re all familiar with…

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