February 25, 2021

J.D. Davis Slated For MRI (MLB Trade Rumors)

Mets corner infielder/outfielder J.D. Davis is heading in for an MRI today after suffering a shoulder injury yesterday, as Mike Puma of the New York Post reports (Twitter links). He was pulled from the club’s spring contest after diving for a groundball.

It’d be presumptuous even to speculate as to the possible outcomes here. The initial word is simply that Davis “jammed” the shoulder on the play. An examination from the Tigers’ team physician indicated a lack of damage to the labrum or rotator cuff.

If that all holds up following the more detailed examination, it’d represent good news for the Mets. The club has been snakebitten at times in recent years by injuries — especially to shoulders, it seems (Michael Conforto, Jeurys Familia, Matt Harvey, David Wright).

Davis was injured while playing at third base, but it seems he’s lined up at present to spend more of his time in left field. That flexibility is particularly useful for the Mets as they wait to see what they’ll get from…

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