February 28, 2021

Joe Torre met Astros, Red Sox to dissuade their cheating (New York Post)

Joe Torre reportedly warned the Astros and Red Sox what was going to happen if they were in fact cheating.

By then, it was already too late.

Torre met with the Astros and Red Sox before they faced off in the 2018 ALCS and warned them that any secret cheating — like illegal sign stealing — they may have been doing would not remain a secret forever, according to ESPN’s Karl Ravech. The meeting included the general managers and managers from both teams — Jeff Luhnow, Dave Dombroski, AJ Hinch and Alex Cora — and was led by Torre, MLB’s chief baseball officer at the time.

“Torre basically said to the teams, both of them and those people and anyone else that was in the room, look, if you’re inclined or have gotten away with or are doing anything that would violate the rules that you are all aware of or should be aware of, you’re gonna have to understand at some point, there’s going to be a player, or players or a front office person that’s going to leave your team, go to another team and basically rat you guys out. Basically tell the dirty secrets,” Ravech said on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” podcast.

“Whether Joe Torre was aware at that point of…

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