May 13, 2021

Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo cleared to play after cardiac test (ESPN)

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — After getting cleared to play by a cardiologist, Brandon Nimmo could joke.

“I guess I have a little bit larger heart,” the New York Mets outfielder said Friday. “Hey, I’ve got a lot of love to give.”

Nimmo was removed from the starting lineup before Wednesday’s game against Houston.

“They got a report from the cardiologist that they would just like to look at something that had gone on with the physical that we did,” Nimmo said. “This was something that happened in 2016 — something that I had to be pulled aside for. It’s something I had, and they wanted to recheck it.”

After a series of tests and monitoring that included 24 hours with a wearable device, the 26-year-old was back in the lineup on Friday against St. Louis.

The Mets became cautious when they noticed an irregularity in Nimmo’s electrocardiogram. Nimmo also underwent an echocardiogram to ensure he didn’t have thickened heart walls.

“The layman way they put it for me was an ‘irregular heartbeat.’ But it doesn’t happen to me when I get up to 85% of my heart rate. It doesn’t affect how I play. It’s just a resting heart rate and didn’t appear during my peak physical exertion,” Nimmo said. “I wasn’t…

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