February 25, 2021

Don’t want to root for the Astros in AL West? Try the Angels (New York Post)

TEMPE, Ariz. — I offer you the Los Angeles Angels.

Just in case you are looking for a team to support. Or eyeing a backup plan because you are a little uneasy about your club. Or just because you like baseball.

At this point, enough playoff games have been contested without Mike Trout. And October would be more fun — tons more fun — with Shohei Ohtani pitching. And hitting. And generally stretching the concepts of what one baseball player can do.

Because pretty much every fan outside of Houston is looking for a club to step up and deprive the now most hated team in baseball a fourth straight AL West title.

The Athletics, with their fourth-most-in-the-majors 194 wins the past two years, have the best chance to overtake the Astros in the AL West. And good for an organization that does so much more with less if that occurs. In a world of anyone but the Astros, sure, why not?

But maybe we should do more than root against something. The Angels have enough storylines for which to root. But are they good enough?

They did add Anthony Rendon, whose bat did much to subdue the Astros in last year’s World Series. That deepens a strong two-way positional group that will only…

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