May 12, 2021

Eduardo Rodriguez Has the Chance to Unleash His Potential in 2020 (Baseball Essential)

The 2020 regular season is fast approaching, as teams begin to construct their lineups, starting rotations, and final 26-man rosters. Spring training gives players across the league an opportunity to prove themselves to their respective teams. It also gives teams a chance to see those players perform in real, nine-inning games and how they perform in those real-game situations, as opposed to just simulations.

Unfortunately, spring training can also bring bad news, as it pertains to injuries and players not being ready for the start of the season. For the Boston Red Sox, spring training is a welcome relief from the offseason turmoil that the franchise and its players had to endure. The team went down to Fort Myers, Florida with a chance to finally focus on baseball and prepare themselves for the oncoming 2020 season.

Rather quickly, Boston’s opening day roster suffered a loss with the news that Chris Sale will be placed on the injured list and miss the start of the 2020 regular season. This decision was based on Sale still recovering from a long bout with pneumonia, thus preventing him from participating in the team’s spring pitching program and causing him to fall behind…

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