May 12, 2021

Gerrit Cole, Jacob deGrom changes everything for Yankees, Mets (New York Post)

Record these dates on your mobile phone’s calendar right now: July 7, 8, 28 and 29.

And, if you’re feeling ambitious, Oct. 20.

The first four mark the Subway Series, your scheduled opportunities to see whether the baseball calendar gods allow Jacob deGrom and Gerrit Cole, our city’s two aces, to face off for the first time in their careers.

And if those don’t align, would you settle for World Series Game 1?

“I think in an era where we see increasing usage in breaking stuff, they still pitch off their fastballs. They still have dominant fastballs, and they have that element of power that to me, puts fannies in the seats,” YES Network broadcaster David Cone, an ace of his time, said recently of deGrom and Cole. “If you’re a fan, you’re looking at the days they pitch, and you’re going to buy a ticket and go watch them.

“To me, that kind of draw in New York is something that really plays big.”

It feels big, too, doesn’t it? The Mets and Yankees are all in for 2020, and their No. 1 starters arguably best symbolize that mindset. The 31-year-old deGrom would be preparing for his walk year right now if he and the Mets hadn’t agreed, in March 2019, to…

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