March 2, 2021

Marcus Stroman-Zack Wheeler saga adds intrigue to Mets-Phillies rivalry (New York Post)

PORT ST. LUCIE — The Mets acquired Marcus Stroman last July with the idea that he would eventually replace Zack Wheeler in their starting rotation, and your first response should be, “Gosh, the rotation looked awfully good with both Stroman and Wheeler in it, no?”

Alas, the Phillies did write a big check to grab the free agent Wheeler, committing $118 million over five years. And the Mets, despite lifting their player expenditures back to the pre-Madoff days and beyond, still don’t shop in the Michael Bloomberg aisle.

Hence we’ll have ourselves a game within a game this season, within the rabid National League East race: Did the Mets bet on the right right arm? Based on the personalities of both the pitchers and their employers, it figures to provide us with a great deal of fun.

Shoot, Stroman can be fun to watch even in Grapefruit League action, as he exhibited Friday afternoon with two eventful innings at Clover Park.

“I think it’s pretty awesome to face adversity during spring, rather than kind of cruising and your first adversity be during the actual season,” Stroman said, after allowing a run, two hits and a walk to the Cardinals in a 3-2 Mets…

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