May 13, 2021

Yankees roster projection: Wade, Frazier, Andujar battles (New York Post)

TAMPA — Brian Cashman will quiz individual members of his staff by, say, asking Aaron Boone how a particular player looks or seeking VP of baseball operations Tim Naehring’s insight into how a specific position battle is materializing.

The longest current serving GM has learned to avoid overthinking his Opening Day roster at this time of year or convening regular meetings to project what the now 26-man group will look like. On this date last year — among other things — Mike Tauchman was a Rockie, Troy Tulowitzki was part of a non-Didi Gregorius shortstop rotation and Luis Severino was heading toward starting Game 1.

The picture is going to change — then change some more.

“I’m going to be a boring interview on this subject,” Cashman said.

He was. He offered little on where matters stand with his roster and if he sees anything valuable about having a 26th man beyond simply protecting an area of weakness.

Cashman is willing to let February become March and St. Patrick’s Day ebb closer before assembling his braintrust at one place at one time to decide. Smart. Because when I asked Cashman about the roster, Giancarlo Stanton had yet to even participate in…

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