May 11, 2021

Dodgers: Kenta Maeda Requested a Trade Out of Los Angeles (Dodgers Nation)

The drama that surrounded the Dodgers trading for Mookie Betts will forever go down in history. After agreeing on a trade, and agreeing on another trade with the Angels, everything spiraled. Medical reports went sour and ultimately the Dodgers had to make trades with the Red Sox and Twins directly.

One of those trades included Kenta Maeda who was apparently satisfied with the trade. Maeda took to his own YouTube page to discuss some of the moving parts that went into him going to the Twins. Maeda has a goal of winning 200 games between the two leagues he has played in, and he currently sits at 144.

Maeda knew that the Dodgers were not going to give him a permanent role in the rotation. He spent 2019 mostly as a swingman between the bullpen and rotation. For his career in Los Angeles, Maeda started 103 games and appeared in 34 as a reliever.

The issue for this year is that there are plenty of options in the Dodgers’ rotation that…

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