May 11, 2021

ESPN hires Chipper Jones as analyst for ‘Wednesday Night Baseball’ (New York Post)

He’s not joining Alex Rodriguez in the booth, but another Hall of Famer will be analyzing games for ESPN.

ESPN has hired Chipper Jones to broadcast 20 games as a color analyst on their “Wednesday Night Baseball” broadcasts, according to an Atlanta Journal Constitution report on Saturday.

Jones is replacing David Ross, the former Braves catcher who left the position at ESPN to take over as manager of the Chicago Cubs.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but if I hadn’t played baseball, if I had gone to college, I would have majored in communications,” Jones told the website. “I wanted to be a broadcaster. I really have fun talking the game. I feel like I have something to impart upon the people tuning in, and I have fun doing it. I get the chance to do it on probably the biggest stage you can, maybe next to ‘Sunday Night Baseball’ (on ESPN).”

Jones, who belted 468 home runs and had 2,726 hits in his illustrious career with the Braves, said he is confident his vast major league experience will come in handy in his new role.

Chipper Jones
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“If I had to sit in the ESPN booth and talk about religion or politics or astrophysics, obviously I…

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