May 13, 2021

Not even Mookie Betts awkwardness could cripple Dodgers (New York Post)

PHOENIX — The Yankees have had enough early injuries to raise concerns about organizational depth and if they can find their inner Urshela again.

The Astros lost Gerrit Cole and all goodwill. How will they handle the duress of being the villain in every baseball city except Houston?

Then in the superpower division there are the Dodgers. The 106-win team of last season acquired Mookie Betts, the equivalent of the 73-win Warriors adding Kevin Durant. Veteran leader Justin Turner nevertheless cautioned, “You don’t play the season on paper.”


But think about what can make the paper crumble? Injury? The Dodgers have the deepest 26- and 40-man rosters in the majors, plus a bountiful farm system to provide answers internally or via trade. Their backups would start in many places, so would the backups to the backups.

“There is depth, there is talent, there is how we go about playing the game of baseball,” manager Dave Roberts said. “For me, that is an easy bet on how this season is going to play out.”

Can complacency get them? Doubtful. This is a team tired of having to watch replays of Kirk Gibson gimp the bases to symbolize the franchise’s last…

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