May 13, 2021

‘Only in spring training’ stories (ESPN)

MESA, Ariz. — What’s different about spring training for players compared to the regular season? How about everything.

It starts with being in the same place for six weeks, getting up daily before dawn and then playing half of a game before heading to the pool or golf course. None of that happens once the games mean something beginning later this month.

“You don’t have to act as serious,” Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant summed up. “Of course we’re preparing for the season and we care about that, but you can have more fun because it doesn’t matter. Like towing people’s cars because they’re not supposed to be parked in certain spaces or putting them on blocks. If we did that during the season, people would be like, ‘What is this team doing? They’re a joke.'”

In that vein — and in advance of Monday’s “all-access”…

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