May 11, 2021

Career revival via Twitter? One former All-Star hopes so (The Athletic)

Across town last Thursday afternoon, in their modern palace of a ballpark, the Red Sox joined the Rays in providing the comforting sensations of spring training, where everyone is undefeated and the only acceptable currency is optimism. This, or someplace like it, is where Henderson Álvarez wants to be again. He knows it well.

Before his body betrayed him, before the surgeons cut into his right shoulder, Álvarez had been one of the best young pitchers in baseball. It had all unfolded so neatly: no-hitter in 2013, All-Star in 2014, Opening Day starter in 2015. Then the injuries came for his fastball. The game marched on without him. But Álvarez was never ready to let go. That’s what brought him to Fort Myers, Fla., to an ancient ballfield named Terry Park that was once the spring home of the Athletics — the Philadelphia Athletics.

In the batter’s box stood members of the Kia Tigers, 11-time champions of the Korean Baseball Organization. They had flocked to…

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