May 11, 2021

Cubs’ Antony Rizzo uses live ESPN microphone to crush Astros (New York Post)

Chicago Cubs superstar Anthony Rizzo wants everyone to hear his joke about the cheating Astros.

“I’m doing some math in my head about where he is going to throw. Someone bang for me,” a microphone-wearing Rizzo cracked on-air during a spring training at-bat Monday against the Angels on ESPN. It was referencing members of the Astros who banged on garbage cans in order to relay opponents’ signs as part of the illegal sign-stealing scandal.

Many current and former players have attacked the Astros in the media amid the scandal, which was the most-talked-about story this offseason. Houston players and employees also have been bombarded by heckling fans since spring training began in February.

And at least seven Astros players, including star Alex Bregman, have been hit by pitches so far in spring training after others around the league predicted Houston would have a beanball problem for breaking the rules.

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