May 12, 2021

Amazon to stream 21 Yankees games this season (New York Post)

The Yankees are coming to Amazon Prime.

The team, along with the YES Network, announced a deal on Tuesday with the streaming service that will allow Amazon Prime subscribers to watch 21 games this season. Those games will also air on WPIX.

The Post first reported the deal was impending in December after November’s unanimous vote by MLB team owners to permit the streaming of local games, a practice known as in-market streaming.

Amazon was part of a group that purchased a stake in the YES Network nearly a year ago, also paving the way for this agreement — which will allow people to watch games live on their phones or laptops without a cable subscription.

As viewership drops due to cord-cutting, teams are looking for new ways to reach fans. Though YES will produce the games that air on Amazon, the streaming service will provide new technology on its simulcasts that will make for a “more immersive experience,’’ according to YES Network president Jon Litner.

“It will allow viewers to have be interactive rather than passive,’’ Litner said.

The technology will be similar to what Amazon has used with the NFL and English Premier League.

“We also realize viewing…

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