May 14, 2021

Mets’ Noah Syndergaard trying to end base-stealing issue (New York Post)

PORT ST. LUCIE — For all his bravado, Noah Syndergaard is smart enough to realize the status quo isn’t good enough.

The Mets right-hander is determined this spring to finally curb base-stealers, who have taken more than a few liberties against him in recent years. It could be the lesson learned from a season in which he posted a career-worst 4.28 ERA and 42 of 45 (93 percent) of base-stealers were successful against him.

“I like to think I’m quite a bit further [along] probably than I have ever been,” Syndergaard said Tuesday. “I swallowed my pride in knowing that there’s something I really need to work on there and made a huge emphasis on doing so.”

Syndergaard, with Wilson Ramos behind the plate, allowed his first stolen base of the spring, a swipe of second by the Marlins’ Magneuris Sierra in the second inning of a 6-1 loss at Clover Park, a steal that was more on the catcher than the pitcher. But Mets officials are convinced Syndergaard is on the right track.

New pitching coach Jeremy Hefner indicated Syndergaard has steadily remained in range of 1.35-1.50 seconds to the plate with his delivery this spring. Last year, Syndergaard was normally in the…

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