May 12, 2021

Cardinals manager Mike Shildt to get married on spring training off day (ESPN)

JUPITER, Fla. — Many major leaguers play golf during off days in spring training. Some go fishing. Or just chill.

St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Shildt has other plans: He’s getting married.

“People have been questioning it,” said the wedding card, referring to the timing. “For us, clearly it’s a no-brainer.”

Shildt, 51, will manage both St. Louis split-squad games Thursday, with the wedding party attending the evening game against Washington in West Palm Beach, Florida.

He’ll trade the crack of bats for the clang of bells on Friday before returning to the ballpark on Saturday to manage again.

“I’m a pretty present guy. I know where I’m going tomorrow and I know where I’m going today,” Shildt said. “I show up and be present and enjoy the opportunities in both.”

Shildt’s bride-to-be, Michelle Segrave, has family in South Florida, one of the reasons the couple chose the date and location.

Holding a ceremony during the baseball season, which can run from late March until early November, didn’t make much sense to the couple.

Nor did a November ceremony, a traditional wedding month for people in the baseball community, because it would force friends within the Cardinals community who…

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