May 11, 2021

Chris Sale Discusses Elbow Outlook (MLB Trade Rumors)

Red Sox lefty Chris Sale has avoided the worst case scenario — for now. That’s the good news. But the situation “sucks,” he acknowledged in a discussion with reporters including Ian Browne of (links to Twitter).

Sale has not incurred new damage to the ulnar collateral ligament in his pitching elbow. But he’s still not in the clear. His most recent attempt to ramp up ran into yet more elbow trouble, casting doubt as to whether he can proceed without surgical intervention.

At this point, the veteran southpaw says, he simply doesn’t know what to anticipate. On the one hand, there’s still hope that he’ll be able to return relatively early in the 2020 season. Once the inflammation subsides in a few weeks’ time, he’ll attempt to start throwing again. If everything goes well, Sale might conceivably miss only a month or so of action.

And what if the elbow keeps barking? That would seem to put an end to the rest-and-rehab approach that he and the team have employed since last…

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