May 12, 2021

Yankees furious with MLB in Astros cheating aftermath (New York Post)

TAMPA — The Yankees hold a great deal of anger in their hearts over the Cheatin’ Astros, but they have plenty of room left to be angry with MLB and commissioner Rob Manfred, too, for the poor handling of the entire Astros Affair.

Players and teams complained about the Astros for years, but nothing was done.

That was the word from Yankees reliever Zack Britton on Wednesday at Steinbrenner Field after the Yankees completed a three-hour meeting with Tony Clark, the executive director of the Major League Players Association, who was making his annual visit to the camp.

Only a small portion of the meeting was spent on the Astros, because of many other lingering issues like a new collective bargaining agreement around the corner and technology changes coming to the game, but it was an emotional segment of the gathering.

“The stance of the guys pretty much in here is more frustration with MLB and the commissioner’s office and the handling of that,’’ Britton explained. “The union is not privy to all the information, so there is not a lot of transparency there on our side, so I think the frustration lies with some of the issues of with the teams filing complaints…

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