May 12, 2021

Dodgers & Giants Rivalry Renewed, Roster Updates, Will Smith Concerns and More! | Blue Heaven Podcast (Dodgers Nation)

A mini beanball war reignites the Dodgers and Giants hatred for one another… sorta. Clint and Brook dig into the excitement of Kersh v Wotus I. Plus are there already offensive concerns at catcher? And we steal from the internet.

On today’s show:

  • Rivalry Renewed?
  • Mid-Camp Rosterbation!
  • Dodgers are Cutters
  • Is Will Smith Broken?
  • Stealing the bag


The Dodgers made their first cuts of the spring and we explain what that means exactly, and predict when the next cuts are coming.

Roster talk leads to stats talk which leads to the guys worrying about Will Smith’s bat at catcher. How much should we read into spring stats for Smith with Austin Barnes producing well alongside him?  

Enter to Win a Gavin Lux Signed Ball!

In another all-new segment, with no live audience to pull from, Clint decides to steal from Pedro Moura’s mailbag questions from Twitter!

And finally, some playful podcast rivalry is touched upon with some friends of the show.



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