May 17, 2021

MLB’s locker room ban first step in dealing with coronavirus (New York Post)

MLB decided to restrict media from the clubhouse as a preventive measure to try to lower the chance of anyone on a team contracting the coronavirus.

League officials announced the decision in a conference call with all 30 teams Monday and the rule is set to become policy Tuesday. For now, MLB is planning to play the rest of spring training, begin the regular season on time on March 26 and continue to have fans at the games. But privately, some executives are worried the spread of the virus will not abate and — to that end — the league and clubs are pondering contingencies, just in case.

Thus, games could still be canceled, moved or played in empty stadiums. On the conference call, MLB officials conceded they will have to stay vigilant in monitoring the situation and stay in regular contact with local and national government and health officials to make determinations.

Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball — the second biggest baseball league in the world — announced Monday that because of fears about the virus it would not start its regular season (due to begin March 20) on time and that there were no current plans when it would begin.

For now, MLB joined the…

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