May 11, 2021

Top 38 Prospects: Toronto Blue Jays (FanGraphs)

Below is an analysis of the prospects in the farm system of the Toronto Blue Jays. Scouting reports are compiled with information provided by industry sources as well as my own observations. For more information on the 20-80 scouting scale by which all of our prospect content is governed, you can click here. For further explanation of the merits and drawbacks of Future Value, read this.

All of the numbered prospects here also appear on The Board, a resource the site offers featuring sortable scouting information for every organization. It can be found here.

Other Prospects of Note

Grouped by type and listed in order of preference within each category.

Young Pitching
Emanuel Vizcaino, RHP
Alejandro Melean, RHP
Sem Robberse, RHP
Jiorgeny Casimiri, RHP
Winder Garcia, RHP
Michael Dominguez, RHP
Yunior Hinojosa, RHP
Luis Quinones, RHP
Jol Concepcion, RHP

Vizcaino, 20, must have gotten hurt at the end of Extended Spring Training last year because he pitched into late-June but never threw a pitch at an affiliate. He’s a lanky relief prospect with a good three-pitch mix, and his heater was in the low-90s when healthy. Melean is advanced from a body and stuff perspective,…

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