May 10, 2021

How Yankees discovered Gary Sanchez didn’t have coronavirus (New York Post)

TAMPA — On orders from MLB, big-league clubhouses are closed to the media and other nonessential folks until further notice as part of the war on the coronavirus.

With reporters locked out of the clubhouse on Monday, interview requests for players were made through the Yankees’ public relations department. Since Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez hadn’t taken batting practice since Friday due to back tightness, his presence outside the Steinbrenner Field clubhouse Tuesday was requested.

So when team vice president Jason Zillo emerged from the clubhouse, it was believed he was going to give the media a time when Sanchez, who was listed to take batting practice on Field 2 but didn’t, would talk.

Nevertheless, a little after noon, Zillo said Sanchez developed a fever and would be examined by a doctor.

Because a fever is a symptom of the coronavirus, the immediate thought was whether Sanchez be tested for the virus. Thankfully, that wasn’t required.

“He tested positive for the flu,’’ Aaron Boone said. “He will be reevaluated on Friday, so he will be away from us the next couple of days. We will see where he is at, at that point.’’

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