May 14, 2021

What we know as MLB delays start of season because of coronavirus (ESPN)

Major League Baseball is delaying the 2020 regular season by at least two weeks from the scheduled March 26 start in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the league announced Thursday.

Here’s what we know about MLB’s announcement, what this means for baseball and where things could go from here.

What is the current status of the start of the MLB season?

Official word came down early Thursday afternoon: Spring training games have been canceled and the start of the 2020 season will be delayed by at least two weeks. The situation remains highly fluid, and that’s true for everybody, not just for those in baseball. There is a feeling shared by many players and others around the game that May is a more realistic point for the earliest play could resume.

Is there any significance to the two weeks MLB used as a time frame in Thursday’s announcement?

MLB referred to the delay as “at least two weeks,” so even that much is only a starting point. Using MLS as an example, its season began on Feb. 9. On Wednesday, it announced that the season was suspended for 30 days, which puts a possible resumption in roughly the same time frame as a possible return for MLB.

While the states that have…

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