May 14, 2021

NCAA Announces Intention To Extend Eligibility For Cancelled Spring Sports (MLB Trade Rumors)

The National Collegiate Athletic Association announced today that it intends to provide “eligibility relief” to Division I athletes whose spring seasons have been cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus. Baseball teams are obviously included among the universal cancellations.

Details are yet to be finalized, with the expectation being that new one-off rules will be drafted in the “coming days and weeks.” It’s hard to know exactly how the system will work — both for those players who expected to exhaust their eligibility and those who’d stand to lose one year of it without playing. There’s also a potential impact to near-future collegians who had committed to schools based upon anticipated departures of certain fellow athletes.

There are obviously quite a few moving parts to sort out there to ensure a fair process. For most of the players involved, it’s about pursuing their personal dreams of collegiate competition. But for others, there could be a real impact on their hopes…

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