May 12, 2021

Scott Boras Speaks On Players Staying In Spring Camp (MLB Trade Rumors)

Baseball’s preeminent player agent is rarely shy about sharing his opinions, but in his latest comments, he’s making an extra effort to not offer anyone advice when it comes to COVID-19.

But he still has opinions. Boras believes players are best-suited staying in camp and working out in the semi-isolation of their squads, utilizing the healthcare options available therein, per Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

Speaking further on the issue, Sherman quotes Boras as saying, “Players are evaluated daily and have immediate treatment access. This process over the month is proven effective versus the outside world as there are no reported cases [of coronavirus among major leaguers]. … The key to low probability of the virus is to be in isolated areas. But the key in treatment is early detection and treatment. And players are getting daily health care, they are getting daily diagnostics. They are in one of the best isolation situations when it comes to managing this outbreak.”


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