May 14, 2021

The teams best prepared for MLB’s coronavirus-shortened season (New York Post)

The Dodgers were the best team on paper when the major leagues suspended operations. They will project as more fearsome whenever the sport returns.

Everything about a condensed or shortened season will favor teams with not just the most talent but the greatest depth of talent. And the Dodgers can beat you with stars and go about 35 deep with legitimate major leaguers.

That will serve them well no matter how long the season is. And that is the biggest question looming over the major leagues right now. When will the coronavirus pandemic abate to allow a return to play? And what kind of season will that permit?

For now, MLB has canceled just the first two weeks of the season, through April 8. Privately, they are conceding that the chances of playing before May are not great. And who even knows about May.

What we do know is that even 24 hours before Thursday’s suspension announcement, MLB’s plan was to have each team play its full complement of 162 games, even if some series had to be moved to spring training sites in Florida or more probably to Arizona to do so. For historical purposes, MLB wanted to keep the integrity of a full season. Financially, they obviously want…

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