May 11, 2021

Yankees decide to stay in Tampa during coronavirus shutdown (New York Post)

TAMPA — The Yankees don’t know when the coronavirus will loosen its chokehold on the world enough for big league baseball to resume.

What they do understand is this: When the season reboots, the Yankees want to be ready to take the initial step toward winning the organization’s first World Series since 2009.

At a meeting at George M. Steinbrenner Field on Friday, the Yankees could have voted to go home, go to New York or stay in Tampa.

“They gave us the option of what we wanted to do. We decided as a team we wanted to stay here and continue working out and getting ready for whenever the season is,’’ Zack Britton said while standing in the parking lot. “It was unanimous, everyone wants to stay here and get ready to go for when the season starts back.’’

Getting even 10 men to agree on anything is an upset. Egos, agendas and politics get in the way. Yet the Yankees found a way for 50 players to agree that it was important to remain together and believe it was safe in a time when the world has been smothered by the virus.

“Whatever guys wanted to do we were going to do but we wanted to be ready for whenever the season starts,’’ Britton said.

Gio Urshela and his Yankees teammates will remain in Tampa.

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