May 12, 2021

Dodgers: A June Start Date Might Be Best Case Scenario (Dodgers Nation)

For those Dodgers fans waiting to hear when baseball is starting, be forewarned. This is not a guaranteed start date, not is this any sort of official announcement. But it does seem like baseball starting back up as late as June is not out of the question.

The original Opening Day for the Dodgers was supposed to be March 26th against the Giants. Major League Baseball pushed that date back two weeks, giving us an estimated start date of April 9th. That estimation was called shortsighted by many experts in baseball, and now that looks to be true. 

It seems more likely that baseball starting back up in June would actually be a welcome sight for fans. If that’s the case, the Dodgers would be missing out on their first thirty games of the season at least. It is unclear if the games would be made up, or if the baseball season would be shortened instead. 

Major League Baseball’s commissioner is scheduled to meet…

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