May 14, 2021

Dodgers: Jerry Hairston Jr Thinks Players Need to Remain in Camps (Dodgers Nation)

The Dodgers’ own Sportsnet Analyst and former player Jerry Hairston Jr chimed in on the league’s efforts to keep players healthy. Hairston talked with Allie Clifton about what he liked about the league’s reaction as well as where he felt players should be.

I think that’s probably the smart thing to do because you start getting on a flight and traveling around the country going to all sorts of places, you might come in contact. So it might be the prudent thing to stay put and be around the trainers and doctors. 

Hairston felt that the player’s best chance was to stay with the Dodgers’ staff in Arizona. And there may be something to that as there are controllable factors there. The players and coaches can be tested for the virus if need be, and it is easier to limit access. 

Hairston was also asked how long the Dodgers would need to get going if baseball got the go-ahead quickly. 

The players do a great job of staying in shape in the offseason. They really start to gear up on their own in mid to late December…The players know excatly what they need to do to get going…Position players it really is only 5-7 days to get ready.

All of that to say, the…

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