May 14, 2021

Reds’ Bauer, Carpenter want ‘sandlot’ game for coronavirus break (New York Post)

Cincinnati Reds pitchers Trevor Bauer and David Carpenter have thought of an old-school idea to remain active with MLB spring training canceled and the regular season delayed.

Bauer and Carpenter posted on Twitter an invitation for any major league or minor league player to play a sandlot-style game they would like to hold somewhere in the Phoenix area. Any pitcher or hitter who competes in the game will be fitted with a microphone, which will be one of the features in the broadcast aired on Bauer’s website, Momentum, and on his personal social media channels.

Bauer stated his belief the game will be held despite no official announcement when and where it will be played. The game pays homage to the 1993 cult-classic movie “The Sandlot.”

A GoFundMe page has been started, asking people to donate funds to support any stadium staff that cannot work until MLB decides to resume their season.

“Confirmed, this is happening,” Bauer stated in his Twitter post on Friday. “No further announcements will be made so follow now or risk missing it entirely”

Some players were enthusiastic to the idea of playing, such as Bauer’s former Indians teammate Mike Clevinger,…

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