May 12, 2021

How MLB, union are moving closer to coronavirus answers (New York Post)

The Players Association sent a counter-proposal Sunday night to MLB’s original overture on how to handle a myriad of issues impacting baseball during the coronavirus-related hiatus, such as whether or not players will be paid, The Post has learned.

The union was anticipating a response perhaps as early as Monday, and there was hope a deal could be finalized in the coming days.

The sides have been in regular communication — either face-to-face or now via electronic means — since Friday, trying to deal with all that has come from shutting down the game due to the coronavirus pandemic. Pretty much every element of player/management relations is impacted by the suspension of play, such as pay, service time, how to handle performance bonuses and — at this moment — how to house players (notably from other countries) who may not be able to get home or have concerns about getting back into the United States when there is clearance to return to play.

On Monday, the Players Association sent out a memo to agents that addressed several items, including that “a transaction and signing freeze (to be lifted when spring camps re-open) is one of the many issues currently…

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