May 14, 2021

Astros’ sign-stealing the perfect backdrop for ‘Brockmire’ (New York Post)

TAMPA — Before the coronavirus pandemic silenced the sports universe like nothing before it, the Astros found themselves as the worst people in the world. Owning the silver medal was the man who put the trash-can-banging Astros in that box, Rob Manfred, whose actions (or lack thereof) on the epic sign-stealing scandal drew scorn from other players and fans.

And that development drew a laugh from beloved actor Hank Azaria, whose successful, critically acclaimed TV comedy “Brockmire” is wrapping up. Its fourth and final season launches Wednesday on IFC with a rather wild idea, one conceived well before Mike Fiers became a whistleblower for the ages: Azaria’s title character Jim Brockmire, a baseball broadcaster who has enough skeletons in his closet to fill a decade’s worth of college biology classes, becomes the game’s commissioner 10 years from now.

“You would think this would happen under Jim Brockmire’s watch as commissioner, not Rob Manfred’s,” Azaria told The Post last week. “Brockmire is uniquely qualified to lead a league out of scandal. He could talk about ‘the trash can that was my life.’”

The actual Azaria, an executive producer of…

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