May 14, 2021

Dodgers Among Teams Receiving Money from MLB to Assist Ballpark Employees (Dodgers Nation)

Among the many, many things and people affected by the fallout of the Coronavirus shutdown, a huge concern has been the hourly workers employed by organizations going unpaid. 

Thankfully, Major League Baseball is stepping up to the plate with the assist.

As MLB Insider Jon Heyman reports, commissioner Rob Manfred announced that baseball would be contributing $1M to each club to help the club take care of its hourly workers. Clubs are also expected to contribute to the cause and Dodgers president Stan Kasten said the organization is “mindful of the problem” but that there’s no plan just yet.

However, the team did say that they will continue to pay their minor league players what they would receive during spring training time.

MLB and the player’s association has been doing its part to step up during these trying times. On Monday, both MLB and the MLBPA announced a donation of $1M to emergency food services. Commissioner Manfred said this in a statement.

In these difficult times of…

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