May 17, 2021

Mets prospect finds baseball heaven in coronavirus escape (New York Post)

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — He strolled in wearing a Mets T-shirt, shorts and cap, knowing no one on the premises.

“I saw a baseball field,” Matt Mullenbach explained, simply enough, “and figured that I’d come ask if I could throw.”

It was neither heaven nor Iowa, although Mullenbach hails from the latter location and plans to return there in a few days. For the Mets minor league pitcher, though? You’d better believe that this was a field of dreams.

This age of coronavirus jars us with daily twists, most of them frightening and upsetting. Doesn’t it seem only fair to get a few moments of levity, break up the tension? So it went Monday afternoon here at Baseball City (a complex that hosts amateur baseball tournaments), where Mullenbach, like a ghost of baseball past, present or future, played catch with a young amateur player from Atlanta for about 10 minutes from 90 feet apart, honoring the work outline he received from his Mets superiors.

Even better, Mullenbach learned from The Post, he did this work at the very place that served as the Mets’ spring training home, then known as the Payson Field Complex, for their first 26 years of existence. It was here…

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