May 12, 2021

Mets Made Offer To Edwin Jackson (MLB Trade Rumors)

Veteran right-hander Edwin Jackson received minor league offers from two teams before electing to reunite with one of his many previous teams – the Diamondbacks – back in February, Zach Buchanan of The Athletic reports (subscription link). The Mets were the other club in on Jackson, according to Buchanan.

To call the 36-year-old Jackson “well-traveled” would be an enormous understatement. Had he signed with the Mets and then earned a spot on their roster (very likely as a reliever), they would have been 15th team for which he has pitched in the majors. Jackson already set the record when he took the hill for Toronto, his 14th MLB employer, last season. Buchanan’s piece, which is worth checking out in full, details the unusual journey the well-liked Jackson has taken thus far.

Heading into this season, whenever it starts, Jackson is likely to open with Triple-A Reno, according to Buchanan. He does have a late-spring opt-out in his contract, though it’s possible MLB will delay that…

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