April 12, 2021

The Best and Worst Trade of the Decade for the Miami Marlins (Baseball Essential)

The decade of the 2010s was a continuation of the latter half of the 2000s for the Miami Marlins: leaving something to be desired. Despite having a plethora of multi-faceted position players, they failed to make the postseason once last decade and are now working on 16 consecutive playoff-deprived seasons.

Miami’s high point was 2017, when they possessed one of the most high-octane offenses in Major League Baseball and finished in second place in the National League East — albeit, that was mostly them benefiting from weak competition in their division. After that season, Derek Jeter became team CEO and several blockbuster trades sending All-Star caliber players out of Miami took place. With that said, not every trade that has been made since 2010 has been a bummer for the Fish.

Over the next several weeks Baseball Essential will be doing a series on the best and worst trade every team in Major League Baseball has made over the last decade. Here is the best and worst trade the Miami Marlins have made since 2010.

The Best Trade the Miami Marlins Have Made Since 2010: Miami acquires Caleb Smith and Garrett Cooper from the New York Yankees for Michael King and $250K…

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