May 27, 2020

Dodgers: If the Season is Called Off, Los Angeles Takes the Biggest Hit (Dodgers Nation)

After losing back-to-back World Series, you would think that Dodgers fans would be immune to any bad news. But when it was revealed this week that Major League Baseball paved the way for Mookie Betts to become a free agent without ever playing a game, things got worse. And the potential news keeps getting worse with every new meeting.

In an interview with SportsCenter, MLB Insider Jeff Passan went on to discuss just how bad the Dodgers could have it this year compared to other teams. 

Go and look at the Los Angeles Dodgers, and they really may be getting it worse out of this deal out of everybody. Not only is there a chance that they don’t have Mooke Betts every playing for them, but there’s the possibility that the All-Star Game is going to be canceled this year.

The deal that MLB had with the player’s union essentially guaranteed that 2020 would count as a full year of service time regardless of whether or not games were played this year. If the COVID-19 virus stops baseball from ever coming back, then Mookie would be able to enter free agency without ever playing a game. That would mean the Dodgers traded away a whole lot for just two years of David…

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