January 27, 2021

The Best and Worst Trade of the Decade for the Tampa Bay Rays (Baseball Essential)

The Tampa Bay Rays, despite their lack of World Series success, have been a shining example of how to run a competitive franchise on a low budget in the modern era. They consistently find themselves at the bottom of Major League Baseball in payroll, yet also find themselves contending in the uber-competitive American League East on a yearly basis.

Much of the team’s success revolves around the fact that the powers-that-be cannot, and will not, overpay for veteran talent. Hence, the Rays roster is an ever-evolving enigma from year to year, with new faces popping up on the active roster every season.

Over the next several weeks Baseball Essential will be doing a series on the best and worst trade every team in Major League Baseball has made over the last decade. Here is the best and worst trade the Tampa Bay Rays have made since 2010.

As previously mentioned, the Rays roster is constantly changing year after year, which is why all four players that Tampa Bay received in this deal are no longer with them nine years later. That said, the decision to trade Garza to the Cubs back in 2011 would change the Rays’ outlook for many years.

Garza was coming off a career year in Tampa…

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