April 11, 2021

The Best and Worst Trade of the Decade for the Seattle Mariners (Baseball Essential)

The Seattle Mariners are known around the baseball world primarily for two things: mediocrity and a crazy frequency in trades. For the first denoted team identity, a long-running history of plain incompetence and underperformance is at fault. For the second one, general manager Jerry Dipoto is to blame (or credit, if you like crazy trades like I do).

Dipoto’s trade history borders on maniacal. Since taking over the Mariners front office in September 2015, Dipoto has executed over 100 swaps, some out of necessity and some that just boggle the mind.

The best and worst trade since 2010 falls on the hands of the man known as “Trader Jerry.” Over the next several weeks Baseball Essential will be doing a series on the best and worst trade every team in Major League Baseball has made over the last decade. Here is the best and worst trade the Seattle Mariners have made since 2010.

Trading away a fan favorite position player with an outside chance at eventual Hall 0f Fame immortality and a 57-save closer with an ERA under two the previous season is a horrible move on paper. Who would even think to do such a thing? Jerry Dipoto would.

Cano was coming off a season cut in half by…

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